Our Services

Valuation Department

This department undertakes the valuation of all kinds of properties, including land and buildings, plant and machinery, fittings and fixtures, motor vehicles and all other floating assets, for various purposes including.

Property Development and Financing

is charged with the responsibility of advising prospective developers on the feasibility and viability of their conceptualised development. It is also involved in site assemblage and selection, which often offers the highest and best uses.

Property Management and Letting

A property involves an irreversible investment of capital, which often is not always available. The need to properly manage any such investment is very obvious. There are various reasons why people/organizations invest in property.

As most other companies in the industry we also provide the following range of services:-

(i) Real Estate Agency involving Letting, Sale and Purchase of Real Estate Assets for and on behalf of reputable clients.

(ii) Valuation & Revaluation of Assets – Land and Buildings, Plant & Machinery. Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings and Office Equipment, including Motor Vehicles.

(iii) Development Appraisal, including Preparation of Feasibility and Viability Reports on proposed projects and Sourcing of Development Funds.

(iv) Property Management including Lease Administration and Management of Service Charges.

(v) Project Management

(vi) General Real Estate Consultancy Services.